1933: The first formal tree-lighting ceremony was held.
1936: Two trees, each 70 feet tall, took the spotlight.
1942: Rockefeller Center put up three trees, and decorated one in red, one in white, and
one in blue to “show support for the troops in World War II.”
1966: The tree was given to Rockefeller Center by Canada in honor of the Centennial of
its Confederation.
1999: The tree stood 100 feet tall and was acknowledged as the largest tree in Rockefeller
Center history.
2004: “The Swarovski-designed star was created, the largest star to grace the tree,
measuring nine-and-half feet in diameter and one-and-a-half feet deep, and it is adorned
with 25,000 crystals.”
2007: The tree was wrapped in 30,000 colorful lights measuring five miles long.