Roker Should Still Be MC

Over the past few days, I have been bombarded with “Is Al Roker leaving the Weather Channel” emails and “Is Al Roker going to show up” Instant Messages as long time readers are wondering if Al Roker will still be Master of Ceremonies at the 83rd Annual Ceremony that is scheduled to happen later this year. It seems that they (including myself) have¬†heard that Mr. Roker will be leaving the Weather Channel as his show, Wake Up With Al, was unfortunately cancelled so now they what to know what effect this will have in the upcoming few weeks on the ceremony. It’s funny as no one has yet to ask about Mariah Carey since her last performance.

All I can says is National Broadcasting Corporation (aka NBC) is the station behind the Annual Ceremony so Mr. Roker’s departure from the Weather Chanel should not have any effect on his presence at the Annual Ceremony¬†but you¬†will¬†know a little more once the List of 2015 Performers is released to the public next month.

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