Since the weather in the State of New York can be unpredictable, it is a very good idea to inspect and prune your trees very early. If you are trying to save doing it multiple times and prune just a few days before winter, a surprise snow storm can add weight to your trees causing them fall on people or property.

Below are a few thing to consider when inspecting and pruning.

Your eyes are very delicate. When inspecting and especially pruning, wear safety goggles. While inspecting, wind could blow debris that you were not expecting into your or your assistant eyes. During pruning, pieces will become sharper and can cause more severe damage to you.

It take years to grow a tree but only seconds to make waste to try to make an attempt to recycle as much of the tree as possible if it does not have any disease. If it has a disease and you reuse it, you can affect your other trees and plants by transferring the disease in the mulch.

Because of wires that passes near your tree. When pruning, you could accidentally cut these wires or that a branch fall on it while gravity is pulling the branch to the ground.