Leap Year 2020 to Bring December Lighting

Did you know that 2020 will be a leap year? February in 2020 will have 29 days and that unexpected day will fall on a Saturday which will cause Thanksgiving Day to fall on the 26th instead of the 27th of November. Since November does not have 31 days, when we count six days from Thanksgiving Day, we see that the 89th Annual Ceremony will fall on December 2nd.

Are you excited over a December ceremony or would you rather the ceremony happen in November? Well, as I have been telling you for numerous years now, the dates are tentative so you could just see a Tuesday or Thursday lighting so keep watching here for the latest updates.

About Stephan Pringle

After years of writing about the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree on my Hackintosh and HackBook, I have evolved into the persona of The Tree Guy and I'll be here at least once a day to update you on the never-ending search for the perfect tree.