Can’t wait until November to see who will perform at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting? If you do not mind having the surprise ruin, check out the listing below.

★ List of 2012 Performers (Available 10/31/2012)
★ List of 2013 Performers (Available 10/31/2013)
★ List of 2014 Performers (Available 10/31/2014)
★ List of 2015 Performers (Available 10/31/2015)
★ List of 2016 Performers (Available 10/31/2016)
★ List of 2017 Performers (Available 10/31/2017)
★ List of 2018 Performers (Available 10/31/2018)
★ List of 2019 Performers (Available 10/31/2019)
★ List of 2020 Performers (Available 10/31/2020)

About the Author

After years of writing about the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree on my Hackintosh, I have evolved into the persona of The Tree Guy and I'll be here at least once a day to update you on the never-ending search for the perfect tree.